Raw Bingo Review

raw bingo

Raw Bingo is an on-line and mobile bingo website that uses the extremely popular Cozy Games bingo system on the Live Bingo Network, alongside other mobile bingo brands including Landmark Bingo, Comfy Bingo, and Smooth Aunty Acid Bingo. Like all brands Raw Bingo supplies a welcome bundle that is huge, along with free bingo rooms.

Raw Bingo is the sister site of Raw Casino, which is an established mobile and also on-line casino that’s powered by Microgaming.

The Promotions

Raw Bingo is offering the promotions that are regular accessible to any or all websites. When it comes to bonuses we have the regular signal up deals. GBP15 900% and no deposit on your first three deposits depart as follows:

1st deposit is 350%
2nd deposit is 250%
3rd deposit is 300%

The Game

Bingo that is raw do not appear to have side or any games -games that aren’t already unavailable elsewhere. But having 900% deposit bonus that is fine it may be worth registering for anyhow.

In conclusion there does not actually appear to be anything new about this website- this is simply another skin on yet another new url as we have seen with lots of Cozy websites lately. We’ll keep a watch out for just about any new info regarding this website- maybe the might surprise us.